Motcombs - a much loved old English institution.

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Hello all and welcome to Motcombs.

Let me start with my father, as like many of you reading this, it was he who introduced me to Motcombs as a young boy. My name is Ross Anderson and I am the current custodian of Motcombs restaurant. I say custodian as in a recent conversation with my father he reminded me that you never really own Motcombs, it was here long before us and will be here long after us.

I found that quite endearing and appropriately true. Such is the strength of character of the place, there seems to be a Motcombs “magic” that is hard to put into words and quite unique to its history as well as you, our beloved clientele, that hopefully will go on for generation after generation.

We were fortunate enough to take over Motcombs in 2017 from previous owner Philip Lawless who successfully managed to turn Motcombs into quite the London institution.

Described as “a hidden gem, somewhere in between Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia” by me 😉 Motcombs is our beloved restaurant that we are proud to welcome you all to every day and night.


Ross Anderson

Once described as the heart of Belgravia, the Motcombs of today is a warm and friendly Brasserie and Bar upstairs for informal drinking and dining as well as a hidden bar and restaurant below ground with live jazz, piano and dinner DJ’s where young an old, actors and politicians all come together and celebrate each other’s company. There is a place at Motcombs for everyone.

Founded in 1982, with its traditional British charm and its modern cuisine, Motcombs has become something of a neighbourhood icon. As you venture through the Dickensian windows, you will unearth an historic restaurant who’s walls and eclectic works of art tell a story of many a fond and merry ocassion of yesteryear. If only the walls could speak...

Today we pride ourselves on exquisitely prepared hearty food from our Chef’s kitchen accompanied with a friendly and familiar smile to make you feel right at home all day and all night long.

Thank you for reading about our history.

We look forward to welcoming you and your nearests very soon.

All my very best,